Misery of a Woman

4 Nov

We hear and come to know of the damage done to this country by inflicting untold misery on the woman

How this has been projected to the world outside and what ranking we have in terms of a safety that is a guarantee for the women folk to venture out with full freedom in the confidence of a security force overlooking the matter and tackling it at the right moment

W e have lost as a nation the essential faith for visitors into this city whether from within or abroad.But the recent spate of incidents do not augur well when India is on the verge of tagging along with the developed world.

A woman is constantly under the sight of a criminal in Delhi.This is what it boils down to.Where is the provision of policing and where is the presence of the much touted CCTVS. A cursory glance at the various nodes show that there is no surveillance of any sort.Grievous crimes against women from eve teasing purse snatching molesting rape and murder , the long list is for whom to sit down and discuss

It remains on paper and there is some NGO which takes up the matter and in course of time it is subdued or otherwise another incident of greater concerns take over the collective conscience of the public whilst the previous one is relegated to the archives.

Foreigners are subjected to this menace and there are never ending criminal potential in this city.Debasing the status of a woman has been the norm in several communities all over India and the freedom restricted which results in pent up feelings and the slightest rupture in society would result in a nationwide upheaval of protests strikes gheraos and closure of the civic machinery.So the problematic are getting compounded in the city.Whilst there is a problem flowing into the city with the migrating populace carrying their criminal record and mindset there is a sizable flow outside the city networking with smaller cities and towns perpetrating heinous crimes on women and reach the hideouts for protection,

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with BlogAdda.com.


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