The Doctor in his night round!

10 Apr

The patient and their kin are normally directe by geography or by some wellwisher in the choice of a hospital for emergies as well as for ordinary sickness.There is a history of a hospital vis a vis the care and correction in health and medicare facilities provided by the hospital and ofcourse the cost.It is a business set up and the employees there have the same duty schedules like any other office but more demanding because  it involves human lives.

The management has all the time for care of the patients but almost a impossibility to look into the needs of the staff.The staff is expected to be self motivated and of a background that enables them to care for the patients naturally.There is not much to be taught regarding these qualities except the technical requirements while on duty.

Unfortunately they are also human beings and they cannot take the pressures just ike an experienced Doctor in handling the patients well enough all the time.

Nursing staff is the backbone for a hospital and any slightest ripple in the working schedules can throw the hospital out of gear.

But there was this mishap of a nurse assaulted by one of her colleagues on a particular night duty shift.There was no one to rescue her on the spot as it was a care unit and she had to maintain her composure when attacked all of a sudden (and the motive is physical assault )and the surroundings warrant a level of silence lest the patients would suffer immensely with the resulting noises from a confrontation.Night shift operators normally can handle the hospital very well technically but not under the threats  to their person.

It was a lucky day for the Nurse that the Doctor arrived on his night rounds to observe the condition of critical care unit patients.He did not bother about the repercussions ,whether the hospitals reputation will be sullied or his name and fame will take a beating.He just applied himself to the task before him and handed over the staff to the police who did the rest.

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