Stop in the middle of the act

26 Dec

What could be worse than leaving mid way just before the climax of a movie? There can be several reasons why one has to leave but the fun part is that your man does not know it. It’s simply great to just walk out and ask your man to leave, get him to play your way. It can be really frustrating for him but he will not show it unless he really hates you. You can do something similar to tease your man and get him to do what you want. Wicked! That’s correct.

Call your man, tell him that you will be alone at home and you are eager to have a good time. Now, you know exactly the hint that you have given him. He must be imagining all sorts of things that you guys could together. He drives all the way to make all his imagination come true.

Clean up the house, put on a pretty hot dress, wear the best possible perfume, create a romantic corner or a table and be prepared to welcome him. Decorate the table with candles and flowers.
Prepare his favorite dish or cook something the two of you have never tried before.

He is here, you are looking the best. When he arrives, surprise him with a romantic candle lit dinner. Use this time to talk and get to know each other better. Tell him how much you care about him and that you are very happy to be with him tonight. Give him a kiss on the forehead or rub his arm every once in a while. A simple touch can say a lot.

Prepare a bubble bath for him. Wash his hair and gently massage the back of his neck. Offer to give him a massage on his entire body. Pour a couple drops of essential oil on your hands and massage every inch of his body, including his back, legs and feet. Once you are through, just ask him to relax and get out of the bath tub. Be assertive gal! Tell him politely that his stubble hurts your skin and he needs to get rid of it soon and walk away.

This will surely surprise him and make him get rid of the stubble. Go gal!

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