My Tech World

4 Mar

I am girl with different choice!!! I like using electronic goods especially mobile phones, Tv and computer accessories. I have been writing guest article in few websites but I thought of opening up a blog for myself and write about few devices I have been using and I am not to review for other website. For example I have iphone 4s and everyone is aware that the battery backup for iphone is very less. People keep carrying chargers everywhere!!

What about places where there no power supply to charge the phone or you are travelling and you want to charge the phone.

Check this out which is not only useful for iphone users even android user or Blackberry users can benefit with this device

This can be plugged to a power supply and it has a internal battery which stores the power and then when you connect you charger in the USB slot you can charge your phone.

Specially made for Smartphone users!!!



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