Misery of a Woman

4 Nov

We hear and come to know of the damage done to this country by inflicting untold misery on the woman

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The Doctor in his night round!

10 Apr

The patient and their kin are normally directe by geography or by some wellwisher in the choice of a hospital for emergies as well as for ordinary sickness.There is a history of a hospital vis a vis the care and correction in health and medicare facilities provided by the hospital and ofcourse the cost.It is a business set up and the employees there have the same duty schedules like any other office but more demanding because  it involves human lives.

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Stop in the middle of the act

26 Dec

What could be worse than leaving mid way just before the climax of a movie? There can be several reasons why one has to leave but the fun part is that your man does not know it. It’s simply great to just walk out and ask your man to leave, get him to play your way. It can be really frustrating for him but he will not show it unless he really hates you. You can do something similar to tease your man and get him to do what you want. Wicked! That’s correct.

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Tab – HP

9 Oct

After HP announced that it will be shutting down all it’s WebOS operations and it’s PC manufacturing business, the company has now announced a price cut in it’s tablets – the TouchPad, just before getting them down from the shelves in stores in various countries across the world.

Source : http://gadgetizor.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/hptouchpadgo1.jpg


HP TouchPad The new prices of the 16GB HP TouchPad is now Rs. 4500 and the 32GB version now costs Rs. 6800. If you remember, when the HP TouchPad was launched initially, the 16GB version was available for a price of Rs.26,000.The price cut is basically aimed at clearing all the remaining TouchPad units which HP has.


8 Jul

All my life I have been using windows and never ever attempted using Mac. Recently I had a work for which I had to use Macintosh and as expected it was hard use initially but after 2 week it couldn’t get enough of it !! It was so easy to navigate and most of the software that work on Microsoft windows does work on MAC! And its appearance it very unique and I have heard there were some features in windows which was inspired by mac!! After checking the same on MAC made so difference.

People who think they cant adjust with MAC should try using MAC for 2 week and I sure they will change their mind. It has a major drawback too that it does not support gaming at all!!!

My Tech World

4 Mar

I am girl with different choice!!! I like using electronic goods especially mobile phones, Tv and computer accessories. I have been writing guest article in few websites but I thought of opening up a blog for myself and write about few devices I have been using and I am not to review for other website. For example I have iphone 4s and everyone is aware that the battery backup for iphone is very less. People keep carrying chargers everywhere!!

What about places where there no power supply to charge the phone or you are travelling and you want to charge the phone.

Check this out which is not only useful for iphone users even android user or Blackberry users can benefit with this device

This can be plugged to a power supply and it has a internal battery which stores the power and then when you connect you charger in the USB slot you can charge your phone.

Specially made for Smartphone users!!!